What is the Nature of Human Resource Management (HRM)?

What is the Nature of Human Resource Management?

In this post we will discussed about the Nature and Scope of Human Resource Management in the short we will be discussed about in the first part Nature of HRM and in the second part we will discussed about Scope of HRM.

In the previous post we have already discussed about the Define of HR meaning or Human Resource Management with case study, I recommended that you should have to go through this link and understand that what is the meaning of Human Resource Management?

Now, Let start the study about the Nature of HRM (Human Resource Management)

Nature of Human Resource Management

In the simple word, HRM which full form is Human Resource Management which is a part of management functions which helps the managers to recruit, select and train the employee of an organization.

In the following part is included the Nature of HRM (Human Resource Management)

  1. HRM involves the application of Management functions and principles Now, question come in mind, how the HRM involves the application of management function and principles, which mean that it is applied to acquiring, developing, maintaining and providing the salary and other human resource benefits to their employee.
  2. Decision relating to employees must to be integrated Decision on different aspects of employees must be integrated or consistent which means that while preparing the policy or any other kind of decision which would be as staffing, training and development of their staff which need to have consistent with other human resource decisions.
  3. Decisions Made influence the effectiveness of an Organization With the effectiveness decision of an organization will result in betterment of services to customers in the quality of products to be supplied in reasonable costs.I know that this the part of other subject operations of management, but we used the terms of quality which need to give our customer which would be in the name of product, services or reasonable costs.But in HRM we will discussed about the how to improve our quality of our product or services so here the HRM work start if the particular team required the training to make betterment of their services.
    So, HRM has to take decision on this regards to make betterment of their organization service which would be as in term of product quality or their particular service.

    I recommend to you please go through this research paper link which about the “The Influence of Decision Making in Organizational Leadership and Management Activities” by Nichodemus Obioma Ejimabo.

    4. HRM Functions are not limited to Business Establishments When we read about the HRM so first picture has come in our mind HRM or Human resource management related with any kind of Business which make to high quality product to sale their customer on the reasonable costs but you should also need to know about the other aspects or area of HRM which is also applicable to non – business organization such as education, health care, Non – Profit organization which also called NGO.

Hence, we can say that HRM refers to a set of programme, functions and activities which help to maximize the potential both employee as wells as organizational effectiveness. In the next post we will discussed about the “Scope of Human Resource Management.”

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