What do you understand Line and Staff Organizations?

line and staff positions

What do you understand Line and Staff Organizations?

First, we need to understand that line and staff organization is a modification of line organization and they involve it in the organizational structure.

We need to understand that there are various ways to structure the various jobs within the organization, but there are two ways which one is simple line structure and The second other is the line and staff structure.

Line and Staff Organizations

Now, the question has arisen: what is the mean of the line structure of the line organization?

Its answer is top management has complete control, and their chain of command are is clear you may take the example Army which chain of command on the under of Commander-in-Chief.

Now we move forward with the second question: what is the mean of line and structure organization?
It is the combination of the line organization with staff departments that support and advice to line departments and this structure is used most in large and medium-sized enterprises.

In the line and staff organization specialized staff and supportive activities are attached with the line of command by appointing staff supervisors and the staff who has some specialization in particular field who are attached to the line authority but the power of the command always remains with the line top management but they advise and council the line executives.

We take an example of Personal Secretary to the Managing director of a particular company is the perfect example of staff official.

There are several advantages and disadvantages are here in a line-and-staff organization.

First, the most advantage of a line-and-staff organization is trained and specialized staff always available who is the expert in their field to give the advised their line authority.

The big disadvantage of the line-and-staff organization is the conflict between line and staff personnel.

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